Family Game Night Revisited

At our first Designer Table last year there were about with 200 attendees for the whole event. This year, we went to ComicCon Montreal which had a record crowd of 51,000 attendees.

51,000 geeks in the same room

Ace Ventura paid us a visit

Let me tell you that 51,000 geeks in the same hall brings a lot of people to wonder how they can print there own game! And they came, by hundreds they came and took all of my business card, all of the TGC flyers and all of my special poker size cards specially designed for ComicCon.

We found our number one fan

Zombies Forever

A funny story: On Friday night, we sold a copy of a board game called Zombie Forever. On Sunday morning, the girl came back saying: « You remember me from Friday? ». « Yes » I replied. « I WANT MORE GAMES » she said. And she left with 4 other different games! She also got an autograph from Amelie. The Game Creator!

Our little princess was more than happy

Amelie, Rapunzel and her prince

Amelie was more than happy. She was proud of herself, her work, her games. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

More pictures

But than again, it wouldn’t be ComicCon without the Cosplay! Look how close they are from our cards!

Monster Wars
Ninja Combo
Black Cat and me!
Me and Spock
The Vampire in Zombies Forever

Thank you for your support

Finally, we would like to thank all the staff at TheGameCrafter. Your company, your customer service, your support, encourgagement and advices are simply awesome!

Our Designer Table at ComicCon Montreal 2014

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