What is a social community?


a definition derived from wikipedia could be:

A group of interacting people, that shares some common values, and is attributed with social cohesion

Now, I skipped every notion of geographical aspect. These days, even though more and more people are using Facebook Places, Foursquare, Apple Friend or Google Friend Connect, we are part of many communities simultaneously in which our actual physical location doesn’t mather!

Facebook, Twitter, Wow, Doa, my blog subscribers (you are not many but you’ll become legion!), are different communities with different values or goals.

Let’s talk about each of them:

  • Facebook is a kind of Perpetual High School Reunion.
  • Twitter is a Live Happy Hour.
  • Wow or DOA are « Cheap » Virtual Version of the Matrix in a Fantasy World.
  • A blog is a Virtual Place to Exchange Ideas.

What do they have in common?

These platforms aren’t real but they allow to create a cohesion between individuals. It’s the sharing of ideas that matters and the content that it’s left behind.

One generation from now, analysts (or computers) will have trillions of trillions of information to deal with. It’s the human race legacy.

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