The art of not saying « no » to technology

In fact, what is technology? According to wikipedia, Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or serve some purpose.

Well in that case, why bother using our then, before the computers, there was the dictionary, and before that, there was our parents (who had all the answer when we were young!).

Some may fear some kind of « matrix » or « skynet » catastrophy. But then, would it be so bad? I hear that Google is playing with a self-driving car, that the French are making holographic customer service clerk to guide people at Orlay airport. What’s next?

Is it cheaper to use technology? Certainly not! I would not do te maths but then again would you live without electricity or running water? Shouldn’t we try to use technology more and more? Or aren’t we doing it as I write this?

One other thing, we should all stop being passive with social media (which is an effet of new technologies). 83% of Google+ users are inactive (via @ Frederic Gonzalo) But wait, maybe you haven’t heard of Google+! Ok, 80% of Facebook users are inactive (based on 150M visitors per month and 750M users). But wait, if you haven’t heard of Facebook, you are certainly not reading this either so ok.

So why starting to act or interact now? because to share knowledge is essential.

Now your turn. Tell me why you should not say no to technology… (should you be MAC or PC)

2 thoughts on “The art of not saying « no » to technology

  1. Philippe Desaulniers says:

    Interesting comment heard this summer while relaxing in a fishing cabin: « civilization is essentially temperature control ». I would add running water, although it is probably lower on the technology ladder.

    But I kind of agree, at least on a personal level: give me a refrigerator, a way to get cold and/or hot clean water at will, maintain air temperature in the low to mid 20’s C all year round, and I’ll be comfortable. The rest is fun to have, but is really a luxury. I could definitely live a very happy life without 3G bars or the internet… …not to say that I won’t use them, since they are available :)…

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