To share is to care (top 5 advices)


Have you seen lately a funny link on facebook where your distant cousin or your mother’s best friend like a video titled « she takes of her shirt in front of the class »? Sounds like a scam: you bet it is!

Have you read lately a close friend who is posting something copied from someone else like « if you love your mother, share… »‘,

sickness, death itself, share…? Sounds useful? You bet it isn’t.

Here are a few advises:

  1. if you love your mother, tell her in person
  2. if you want to help a cause:
    • donate
    • become involve: they love that even more
  3. share, like, fan, +1 and comment real accomplishments:
    • a friend is writing a blog
    • your sister has founded her own business of ecological hand craft soaps
    • a long time no see high school buddy is performing in an obscur heavy metal pop retro mod band (don’t forget to buy their album, believe me, they need your share more than Madonna or Simple Plan)
    • etc.
  4. if you reshare something:
    • give credit to the author of the post
    • add your comment
    • think of your audience (facebook lists and google+ circle are made for that
  5. create your own original and exceptional content
    • write a poem
    • publish your novel that you wrote in high school
    • express your opinion on today or yesterday news
    • start a blog (fairly easy on or