The Impact Equation (Book Review)

This article is a book review of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. My review might not be the greatest of them all but it is mine. It is not a long review, it’s more like a personal appreciation. So here it is

The Impact Equation

I do love EQUATIONS! Trust me I am an engineer! So I start to read this book looking for formulas! But Chris and Julien have that particular talent to write about complex things and translate it in such a way that you can actually make things happen.

Was I disapointed not finding tons of equations? Not really! Instead, It made me think of my actual web strategy and I implement changes right away!

Often, books like The Impact Equation suggests reflexions, excercices, etc. With The Impact Equation: I did them all! I even wrote IN THE BOOK with a pen! (I usually never do that)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Julien: « J’ai eu du fun à lire ce livre! »

So in the end, I recommend The Impact Equation! Because for your second book (after Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust), you deliver… again!

Photos with text

The authors asked us to create photos with our favorite quotes from the book.

I think it’s a great idea. Once again, I think my choices of quotes might not be the greatest of them all, but I like to think that they were more than noise and that some of them will have an impact. I can say for a fact that one of them sold one more book from a friend of mine who told me!

Like they say, every action counts.

You can find them on twitter, facebook, tumblr, flickr, pinterest, google plus and now on my blog!

You are not alone | #impacteq

From my daughter with her permission


Tying Emotions to Ideas | #impacteq

From my daughter with her permission


That was one side | #impacteq

Picture taken at Le Centre des Sciences de Montréal, Summer 2012. (I do not need permission — Jedi Mind Trick while waving my hand in a cool jedi way)

ideas have never lost or won | #impacteq

My daughter in a russian submarine in San Diego

Ideas are sometimes tricky and quirky things | #impacteq

2007, 4th of July parade in Province Town, MA

Hey I ve got an idea  | #impacteq

From my daughter with her permssion (again)

Find unexpected patterns | #impacteq

Painting this time by my daughter. Reproduced with permision again!

Echo to the marketplace | #impacteq

Concentric circles echoing the quote.

Top 10 reasons why I should continue my blog

I started to blog in 1993. Our group had invented Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, MSN, ICQ all together in a concept called CTI (in french « Club des Têteux d’Internet » or the closest translation « Internet Nerd Club »).

Basically, we used the internet (that even was not existing by this name) to exchange our live stories, our jokes, our mutual events, etc.

Our social reach was not very wide however it did serve its purpose: To communicate.

Our group was create « spontaneously » and actors were very active.

Then came America Online, ICQ, MSN, Blogger, WordPress, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus (to name a few and more or less in that order). Oh yeah, I almost forgot: the cell phones and more: the Smartphones!

I’ve been asking my self lately why am I blogging on a personal level? First, I don’t have that many readers. I certainly don’t look forward to make money out of it. I am not a « Chris Brogan » nor a « Julien Smith« , two very talented writers. And I don’t have that much time between work, family, etc.

So here is my top 10 personal reasons why I will continue my blog:

  1. It gives me a platform to write down and share my ideas (it is certainly easier to use WordPress or Blogger than to write in HTML)
  2. It’s written on the internet so it’s stays there forever (as long as I continue to pay my GoDaddy’s subscription!)
  3. Eventually, people will start to understand that a Social Network is NOT Television (Please leave a comment, Share your thoughts, Start a blog or just go play outside it’s good also)
  4. Who knows, maybe I will do like the others and write a book out of my blog (I have a nice section on Cooking Recipes if you are blog post gives a sense of depth to an idea (compare to the spontaneity of Facebook or Twitter)
  5. It’s fun.
  6. Nobody should complain when it’s a free advise (although it’s tough to keep the rhythm)!
  7. It leaves a sort of legacy to my daughters
  8. To be determined
  9. Tell me one reason

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  • If I missed/forgot your blog, tell me about it

Google + : L’effet pervers d’un nouveau gadget

Google+La semaine dernière, je pense avoir été « privilégié » d’avoir une invitation sur Google+, merci Randy Zhang, un gars de la Chine qui offrait des invitations à qui les demandait. Dans le temps, mon ICQ universal number était sous la barre des 100,000. Et maintenant, qui se rappelle vraiment d’ICQ?

Autre phénomène intéressant, depuis 2 semaines tout les gourous des médias sociaux de ce monde: Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Julien Smith (que je salue), Michelle Blanc et j’en passe, ont tous disparu et sont partie faire le party sur Google+. Pourquoi? Pour être les premiers bien sûr!

Mais là, ils se passent quoi de nos « vieilles » plateformes »? Peu d’entres-vous se rappelleront des BBS et des modema 9600 bauds mais diantre, ils s’en passaient des choses! Ok, revenons plutôt à Facebook car c’est lui qui risque le plus. Est-ce que Google+ est une ménace sérieuse? Moi je crois que oui (et je n’ai pas fait la revue des « experts », je n’ai pas le temps). Toujours est-il que peut importe le move de Facebook, il faudra qu’il le face vite et bien car il va rejoindre MySpace dans les bas fonds.

Je lance ça comme ça mais j’aime bien l’idée de Highlander: « in the end, there can only be one! » ou quelque chose du genre. En tout cas: moi je vois:

  • Microsoft racheter Facebook
  • Google racheter Twitter
  • Apple inventer un nouveau truc étrange, inutile mais très design qui se porte devant l’oeil
  • Amazon+Ebay+Zappos+Paypal ne faire qu’un
  • Canadian Tire et la Source fusionner avec Sears puis fermer boutique

Et vous qu’en pensez-vous