Is it Irene or the end of summer?

Hurricane Irene by NASAWell today was kind of a funny day, leaving the Laurentides for the last time this summer, we entered the strong shower (remains of Irene up here in Quebec) while driving back. And the rain went on and on from 3 P.M. to 9 P.M.

School will start tomorrow. Too bad for a nice weather! At least my princesses will get to try their new rain coat.

As for me, I’ll be getting back to work on tuesday! And the crazy routine will start again for another year. Time passes by like a hurricane sometimes.

I wish you all a nice end of summer and a good start at school! And if you are caught in the storm (of Irene or of life), be prepared but most of all be happy because like we say in french: « Après la pluie le beau temps! »

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